Exmoor Gold


. . and I'm not talking about the Ale either.

Exmoor has always been a place that has been close to where I lived (relatively) but a place that I have never explored as a photograher. This all changed recently when I went on a workshop as part of Dawn 2 Dusk Photographt with Ross Hoddinott and Adam Burton.

The start of the 3 days was wet to say the least, the staff at Watermeet probably wondered what was going on as 12 photographer all turned up just before closing and ordered coffee and cake and then huddled outside in the wet looking bleakly out at the weather. Thankfully this was the last of the bad weather we were going to see for the next 3 days. By the time we decieded to brave it and got our first composition framed the weather had brightened slighty which allowed us to explore Watersmeet fully getting some lovely shots of the lush green foliage on the trees with the river flowing through the shot. 

To be continued . . . 

Copyright 2013. Ian Pain